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By Emory, Age 9

There is a big difference between staying at home quarantining and being out in the open air, enjoying the warm sunshine feeling your beautiful horse beneath you. This is something I noted as my horseback riding teacher and I rode along our usual trail. Compared to the tightness of my house, horseback riding felt much better after five and a half months spent indoors quarantining. It was like finally exhaling after a minute of holding your breath.

I asked my teacher, “Can we canter now?” I couldn’t wait to feel the exhilaration of speeding up, my favorite part of horse riding.

She nodded in agreement. I immediately nudged my horse into action, and she, excited to be let loose, started to run. The wind whistled past my ears. I beamed. Horseback riding has always been awesome, but it felt especially wonderful after being cooped up in a house for so long. I was upset and disappointed that I couldn’t ride during the long pause of quarantine, but honestly, it made returning even better than ever.