Baby cat

By Violet, Age 9

When Covid-19 started I was at home, scared. Me and my dad watched the news and it said “Over 10,000 cases so far stay at home.” I started having school on the computer, restaurants started closing and more and more food was gone from stores. I was terrified. When it was bedtime my dad would tuck me in and tell me, “It’s ok miss Rose things will get better,” and then I would hug him as hard as I can. During Covid-19 we got a cat whose name is Baby Cat. I love her so much. She’s like my support animal. We watch movies together and my dad loves my cat. My cat completes the family. Covid-19 is what made me want a cat.  Also a year in Covid-19 I realized challenges come and go but challenges are hard but we can overcome them if we do what’s right! During Covid-19 I had to call my friends on the iPad it wasn’t not that fun. I think it’s going to be like the flu and i HATE the flu if it’s like the flu I’ll be even more mad. I think soon enough Covid-19 will leave the beautiful earth.