Atomic Habits

By Rayan, Age 12

The book that represents me and makes me feel finally seen is Atomic Habits by James Clear.  I am honestly not someone who is very confident in myself. When something goes wrong or I miss a chance to do something, in school or outside of school, the happiness of my life starts rapidly deteriorating. That one misdemeanor makes me feel depressed for a long time. One mistake causes another, and another, and another… So, I decided to read some motivational books and listen to some motivational speeches. So far, the book that influenced me the most was Atomic Habits. Before all of this, I had heard very good things about it from teachers and my principal, but I procrastinated to read it, always saying I was too busy with school and studying. But, then I thought “If I’m busy for the entire day with these tasks, how come I’m still making so many mistakes in everything? So, I decided to read Atomic Habits. I loved it! There finally was a book that represented how I felt, and could help me with my sadness and learn how to improve at making good habits, such as making your bed everyday!

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