Any Day With You

By Emma, Age 10

Have you shared a strong bond with an object? I have that special connection with the book entitled Any Day With You By: Mae Respicio. I see myself in this book because I am similar to the main character, Kaia. Also, we both have strong relationships with family. Lastly, the folktales mentioned in the book are Filipino, which is my heritage.

First, I feel a connection to the book because Kaia resembles me. We both are Filipina girls that have pride for our ethnicity and culture. Second, Kaia and I share strong family relationships. I am really close to my grandparents and immediate and extended family. Kaia spends time with her great-grandpa the same way I spend time with my grandparents, and other family members. Lastly, I relate to many folktales mentioned in the book because I’ve heard them when I was younger, especially the folktale about the Bakunawa!

In conclusion, Any Day With You makes me feel seen and appreciated. I feel this way because Kaia resembles me; we have similar family relationships, and I connect to the folktales mentioned in the story. I love hearing about what makes others heard. So, what makes you feel “Finally Seen”?

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