Anti-Covid Restaurant

By Veda, Age 10

“Ding ding!” Went the oven, as my sister and I listened from the stairs.

We were waiting for our parents to call us, because they were putting together a surprise for us, and we were so excited.

“Ok, you can come now!” Shouted my mom from the kitchen.

My sister and I scrambled down the stairs and met…our parents?

They were dressed super fancy, and I couldn’t even recognize them! They led us into the living room, where a brown table with a red tablecloth draped across it stood. There were two fancy glasses, placemats, chairs and cutlery. 

We were seated by our “waiters” and handed menus. On the cover it said “Anti-Covid Restaurant.”

We were so confused! But we sat down anyway and picked up our menus. There were pastas, pizzas, burgers and so much more, but I chose the Alfredo pasta. Soon our food came, served by my parents, and it was so good!

We tipped them $5 each for the good food, service, and all the hard work they had put into it. What a great way to enjoy eating “out” in Covid-19!