Anne of Green Gables

By Minha, Age 11

The book that finally made me feel seen is Anne of Green Gables. The reason why this book finally made me feel seen was, because I have never read about a character, Anne, who has a huge imagination and who loves to share that imagination with others, like me. Many of the characters that I have read have a big imagination but never share it. An example of this is the main character Jackson from the book Crenshaw. Jackson and his family are dealing with many problems, and the way he solves some of those problems is by talking to his imaginary friend, Crenshaw. Jackson has a huge imagination but he doesn’t share it with anyone. Anne on the other hand is always talking about her imagination. One example of this is when Anne tells Mathew about what she thought about wearing one day, a completely everyday thing. “‘But I just went to work and imagined that I had on the most beautiful pale dress-because when you are imagining things you might as well imagine something worthwhile.’”  

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