Always Anjali

By Nitya, Age 8

Always Anjali is by Sheetal Sheth. And it is about a girl with an Indian name, and she gets made fun of by an American boy named Zachary. She got made fun of because her name is hard to pronounce. Her name was Anjali. I felt connected with this book because my name is hard to pronounce too. My name is Nitya. 

For example, my volleyball coach could not say my name. So my coach called me a name that really upset me, which was Nit-Nat. I felt upset, embarrassed, angry, and annoyed.

And in Bal Vihar, which is an Indian Sunday school, everyone can pronounce my name because it is a regular name there. And I feel happy, joyful, and calm because everyone can pronounce it properly because they are Indian too. I also felt comfortable and included because at volleyball I felt excluded.

When I got this book it made me feel finally seen. I felt connected and I also felt better about my name. I do not feel weird about my name anymore because I read this book. I learned that my name is unique like Anjali’s name. We both have names that are hard to pronounce.

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