By Tasneem, Age 10

After so much thinking, I finally decided Allergic by Megan Wagner Lloyd is my favorite book. I think that because I love how it has a lot of themes, I also really love graphic novels. One of them is to never lose hope, another one is to always try new things before you see you don’t like it. I can also relate too because when I was little, I wasn’t allowed to do a certain thing which made me really sad, but over time I found something to replace it. Here is the summary of Allergic, “A middle aged girl called Maggie finds a pet that she loves, a dog! At home Maggie feels lonely while her parents are preparing for a new baby and since her brothers are twins, they always hang out with each other. But soon after her parents allow her to get a pet, she decides on a puppy but when she gets one, she starts to get a bunch of rashes. Maggie is allergic to anything with fur!” Soon after, she overcomes her fear and decides to get a pet without fur.. this is why Allergic is my favorite book.

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