All Alone

By Vedha, Age 10

I was really surprised when my mom told me that I would be doing distance learning. I didn’t know what to think. With covid, I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends and I wouldn’t get to travel. Distance learning had a big impact on my life and I became lonely. I spent most of my time on the computer and barely did anything else. I was cooped up at home and my parents and sister always had school work. I never got to go anywhere and had nobody to play with. I spent all my time reading books or watching TV. I stayed in my room unless I had to do work and never spent time with my family. It made me wish for a cat or a dog or any pet to play with so I wouldn’t be so bored. My parents always said pets were too much work even though I promised to clean up after them myself. In fourth grade, I spent the whole year on distance learning. I only got to go in person to school at the end of the year and very few people came. I barely even knew my classmates and it was really hard learning things without being in person. Covid had a big impact on my life and made me really lonely. Sometimes, I wish that covid had never existed.