Airplane Trouble

By Carlos, Age 11

On a weekend night, I was watching YouTube on my tablet and I went to the living room
because the Wi-Fi in my room was literal trash. When I got in the living room, my dad called my
mom over and told her that a brand-new Virus was discovered, and showed her the video.
Then I had to go to Portugal with my sister and my mom. The journey was complicated. We went from Dalian airport on China Airlines to Seoul, but the plane was delayed for two days! My friend Tony, said that there were flights straight from Seoul to Lisbon (our final destination), and I couldn’t stop talking about it until on the day, my dad found a plane trip directly from Seoul to Lisbon, and I said, “TOLD YOU!” The flight took so long and we had to wear masks the whole time, and for some reason an old
woman went in line while brushing her teeth…