Adoption During a Pandemic

By Hazel, age 10

It was Fall 2018 when my world changed again. My Mom and Dad decided to adopt again.

March 13, 2020 my Mom kept me out of school. She had heard a virus was spreading around. “It could be totally fine and nothing happens, but I’m keeping you out for one day.” It wasn’t totally fine. There was a virus. We stayed out of school for two weeks. At that time we were adopting too. Two weeks passed. Stayed home still. July 17, 2019 my soon to be brothers and sisters moved in. I was so excited! We had a fun time with them until October 23, 2020. Then we had an even more fun time. The Adoption was final! We screamed with happiness. On December 6, 2020, we had an Adoption party. It was still Covid, so we got a limo and rode to our friends houses. The pandemic isn’t over yet, but we still celebrate July 17 and have fun during the pandemic!

The Adoption was final! We screamed with happiness.