Attention Teachers:

Last week, I read the first chapter of my newest novel NEW FROM HERE out-loud on Youtube Live for World Read Aloud Day. You can access the video here. I was so moved by all the emails I received from students and it got me thinking: NEW FROM HERE is my pandemic story, but I want to hear yours!

I am delighted to announce a publishing opportunity for your students.

Teachers, if you would like your class to participate, click on To Participate! Have your students write on the following:

Writing prompt: In 200 words or less, what’s your pandemic story?

We all have a pandemic story. It could be about something big or small! I want to know what these last two years have been like for your students! Please submit your best stories as a class — five stories per class can be submitted through the class teacher only. If you are homeschooled, your parent can submit your story. For more details, click on To Participate. I will be publishing the best stories from classrooms all over the world here on my site!

One day, we’ll look back and all our stories together will make up our COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE of the pandemic!

EACH WEEK 10 participating classes will be selected at random to win a copy of NEW FROM HERE from now until March 4 – we will raffle on 2/18, 2/25, and 3/4!

Happy writing!