A Sunny Day

By Nathan, Age 12

I woke up to a bright morning and looked out the window. For one second, I thought about going outside to play catch with my brother. But the moment that thought entered my mind, I pushed it away. I had class in 30 minutes and had to get ready for it. When I looked at my friends in the Zoom, I felt melancholy. I would never see them again because this was 5th grade, and once we graduated, everyone would be going to different schools. The day was slow as usual. The past few months had been making every minute feel like an hour. Once class finished, I was about to play outside but realized I had homework to do. I promised myself that after I finished my reading, I would go straight out. I didn’t. The assignment was took too long, and once I finished, I had to get ready for bed. Before I went to bed, I remembered the sunny morning I had today and how it was wasted. I went to bed knowing that tomorrow would be a new and better day.