A Pandemic Poem

By Myra, Age 10

Life was so fast-paced, and it never slowed down 

Until everything came to an end when Corona came to town 

Life is hard but bit by bit we get through it together, 

And when a new virus came to life, the world turned upside down.

Days, Months, Years from 2019  all the way to 2022

Not being able to see people’s faces, all because they were covered by a mask.

Not being able to meet your grandparents or cousins, nieces or nephews.

Traveling came to an end and stores started to close. 

Doing school from home, on your Chromebook

Not seeing your teachers or friends in person

But time started to fly by,  you were getting used to Corona

Kids would go to school if they wore a mask but if they were sick, they would be virtual.

You could meet your friends and teachers in person

Stores and airports re-opened

Life is getting a bit better

But I hope Corona will be no more.