A New Type of School

By Naomi, Age 12

Covid-19 started when I was 9. Most people didn’t care at that time because it was mostly only in China. But then we realized that the virus was in the United States. But people still didn’t think it was gonna be bad, and we were starting a new year. What can go wrong? Well, almost everything! We had to go on Zoom classes and it was hard because it felt different than being in person. The stores were being emptied out by people and people took too much stuff because of covid. There was barely anything in the stores left. Then one day my mother got sick. My dad, my sister, my brother, and I did not know if we were safe when my mom got sick. However, my mom was alright after 15 days. A few days later, they called to see if one of us wanted to go to personal school. I wanted to go with my friend but she had the afternoon and I had the morning classes. My 5th grade teacher was so kind. I was starting 6th grade and school felt like it was kind of back to normal.