A Long Few Years

By Rana, Age 10

I started when I was just about done with 3rd grade, but sadly I wasn’t. I was wondering why we were doing online school and why my teacher was sending so many emails. The only fun thing about distance learning is no state test. I started finding out what was happening and why this is happening. Things were running out in the store and I was so confused. Back in school, I am in a different grade. Wow, it’s like I have never been in school before. It felt different because I WAS WEARING A MASK! Luckily I still survived fourth grade! Then I was on to fifth grade at the beginning of the year. In fifth grade, I was quarantined! OH, RATS! But it wasn’t so bad I got to stay home without any siblings around and watch TV on my own. From that day on I was wearing three different masks. I still didn’t catch covid-19 luckily! Thank you for reading my pandemic story!