A little hope inside

By Jeanette, Age 10

I loved going to birthday parties, I thought. The next day came. As I was ready to go to school in 2nd grade, our teacher started telling us there was Covid-19 coming to our area. My class and me didn’t understand much about Covid-19, so our teacher told us it’s a virus that could make you sick or die. She said you have to wear masks and social distance. I didn’t enjoy being sick and I didn’t want to DIE. Two days passed, and I told my dad I was gonna ride my bike outside with my friends. I was wearing a mask. A few hours passed and my mom came home. I was still playing with my friends but it was getting late. I went home and my mom said I needed to wear a face shield. I thought this was getting serious, especially after she me a video about Covid-19. I heard that we had to stay in our house for two weeks! I was so surprised. Three years passed and now it’s 2022. I hope Covid-19 will stop now. But we stayed strong together!