A Crazy Time

By Amelia, Age 12

“Cohort Y!” 
My parents say,
I sit and play,
I wait for that day.

That day when,
I walk to school,
Wearing a mask,
Do I look cool?

They kiss your head,
Wave goodbye,
“I’ll miss you!”
They say with a heavy sigh.

Finding your classroom
School’s not the same
Everywhere’s quiet
What a shame.

The next day,
Back at home,
Sitting at a desk,
All alone.

Waiting for the Zoom,
First Zoom of the day,
In your own room,
Not allowed to play.

It’s annoying sometimes,
Learning from home,
Sometimes you laugh,
Sometimes you groan.

Ups and downs,
Goods and bads,
Smiles and frowns,
Happy and mad. 

Embarrassing moments,
We’ll laugh about someday,
Like forgetting to hit mute,
Or raising your hand when you have nothing to say.

We’re in full time,
After what seems like years,
You see your friends,
Push away the COVID fears.

COVID rules,
They still apply,
But there’s snow in the air,
And on sleds we fly!

Spring is coming,
Flowers bloom,
School’s over,
Very soon!

It’s been a year,
You remember that day,
You remember it like,
It was yesterday. 

A crazy time,
We still stand tall,
Working together,
Taking care of all.