A covid holiday

By Ariane, Age 9

I woke up and ran to the living room. I was more excited than any other human ever! It
was my favorite holiday… CHRISTMAS! I couldn’t open the gifts until everyone was
awake. When my sister finally got up, she was feeling sick but I didn’t let that get to me.
After I woke up, my parents all walked to the living room and right before I opened
my presents, my sister checked to see if she had a fever. Once the results came in, my
mom raced to the kitchen and got the covid test and did it. SHE HAD COVID… we all
put on our masks.

“No, it can’t be on Christmas and close to my birthday,” I said to

Days passed and my sister still had covid and it was the day before my
birthday… New Year’s Eve. I took a test. I had covid on my birthday, but I still had a fun
time-ish. Some weeks passed. It was the day before going back to school and I took a
covid test. I WAS FREE FROM COVID! I could go back to school and so could my