The Pandemic

By Greyson, Age 10

The pandemic;

In some ways it has brought us together,

In other ways apart.

I sit at my desk looking 

for a fidget.

My hands?


My journal?


I’m a poet,

An artist,

A story teller,

In other words:

A book writer.

Ah … at last, no computers!

We’re finally in person.

No more screens.

No more mice that hurt your hand.

Or hard, hard typing!

Still there’s something I hate.

Wearing masks whenever we’re at school.

At least there are vaccines for children

Over the age of 5.

Is this ever going to end?

The mask wearing,

The variants,

Or the isolation?

We may never know,

We may never know.

Sometimes when all is still,

It feels as if it’s coming to an end.

But when mom and dad check the numbers, 

The graphs, the charts,

We see covid numbers rising

And we still keep that in our hearts.