Be grateful

By Tyler, Age 10

of this pandemic, students were going online. I
thought it was a good thing at first but it was actually way worse, and now you will know why. It
all started when we all went home to go and learn online. I thought it was going to be better but my opinion changed a lot after a few days. My eyes were itchy staring at the screen, I wanted this to be over, the sooner the better. I wanted to go out and exercise, see my friends and play with them. So I waited, longing to go back, and when I arrived, I felt that it was never better to be back and learning more than ever. I learned to be grateful for what I already have. I never want to go online, never ever again.

Even though I hate online school, I’m thankful because it helped me learn better and it helped me see that there are other things that are way worse. I really hope this pandemic ends soon.