My Dog of Hope

By Ad’mir, Age 11

It was 2021 when my mom told me we were going to get something for me. It was a female, 4 month old pitbull! We went to the pet store to get dog food, a nice warm bed, and some dog clothes. When we got home we went to the backyard and played. Then it came to my mind, I went to my mom and asked, “what should we name her?” Her new name was Roxie! It was summer. We went out to the park and played, and then went right back to the pet store and got new toys. After that, we went home and Roxie slept in my room! I woke up, kissed my dog on the forehead, and went to school. I made new friends and went back home to Roxie who was sleeping. My sister and I came in the front door and Roxie came rushing

Roxie is my dog of hope.

downstairs and jumped on us. Roxie is my dog of hope.