By Skylar, Age 10

Do you know when the day feels so long, but then when the day ends and it feels so short?
That’s how I feel, right now.

My mind rushes hoping the day would end and once it ends I just want to go back.
Right now I’m sitting in class. We have just heard that the school will be having a board meeting.

You’re probably wondering why this affects me.
But it affects the whole school
A new virus has just come called coronavirus.

The sun blazed in my eyes and the morning sun filled my window. My eyes felt heavy. I stretched and groaned … I ran to my parents room.

“UP UP!” I screamed, “Do I have school?”
“NO.” Groaned my father half asleep.
“You’re going to Brook’s house.”
“YESSSSSSS.” I said.

3 hours later:

Creak went my shoes on the hardwood floors
I overheard my parents half whispering in their room
They had just learned that going to Brooks’s house was a bad idea
Turns out covid was killing many people.
I ran to my computer, My friend’s stream filled with texts.
Venus had said:

Have you heard of zoom school!!
I ran to my room and sobbed.