Zoom butterflies

By Samantha, age 10

Dear diary,

Today was horrible. My dad just got furloughed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. And my mom just told me that I’m moving schools along with houses. I will have to leave all my friends and make new ones over Zoom. All I could think was what if they don’t like me? What if they think I’m not cool enough for all the cliques or groups? What if the teachers are mean? Or what if all my friends and I lose touch? WHAT IF MY DAD LOSES HIS JOB?! That was a lot to take in and all I could do was breath.

Dear diary,

We finally moved into the new house and I love it! I have my own room, and a big backyard with a trampoline. That sure helps us during quarantine. It’s hard being an older sibling confined to the house with a little brother running around, and everyone on their Zooms.

Dear diary,

Everything is shaping up. I’m finally unpacked, and I made a new friend over Room. Her name is Lauren and she is really nice.

         Thanks for listening diary, peace out!

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